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In my opinion, Amanda and Scott are KC treasures. They are both very talented at what they do and they are really good people on top of that.

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Great look into a fascinating home/workspace. I want to know this couple!

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Feb 24, 2023Liked by Kevin Worley

I love Amanda’s quote: This neighborhood is diverse in all respects, so not everyone comes in a tidy bundle of outwardly having their lives together. We have houseless neighbors, neighbors that deal with mental illness, neighbors that keep very unique yards, we have actual graffiti and broken sidewalks. But these are actually things that I love about living Downtown. For the short time that we lived in the suburbs in Nashville, I found it easy to forget about that diversity, about the cultural and socio-economic differences of those who lived in other parts of the city. Downtown we are all living together and embracing one another in the best way we are able. Downtown we get to be ourselves with less pressure to conform to societal norms, and we support one another in that.

We live in Columbus Park and have taken an old warehouse and converted into our Loft home, as well… This perfectly sums up why we love living downtown so much.

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