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Kevin Worley

Kevin's been following Downtown Kansas City news ever since he got locked out of the house in 5th grade and had nothing better to do than to read the morning Times and the evening Star in one sitting.

Hannah Schuh

Hannah has been publication-hungry ever since she was given control over her elementary newspaper staff as a 4th grader. You’ll almost always find Hannah with a pair of lightning-bolt earrings, or talking about the latest Marvel movie.

Jomel Nichols

Writing. Gardening. Travel. And the occasional magic spell.

Becky Brown

Becky Brown is a Kansas City freelance writer. In a previous life, she worked Downtown. Now, she’s just eating and drinking her way through.

Jennifer Parsons

GenX, Mom, Wife, Reader, Foodie, Missouri resident since 1979

Joe Nichols

Joe was born and raised in Kansas City and has spent the majority of his life in the area. He loves beer and hanging out with his awesome spouse. Joe also has ownership in two breweries.